Caring for a senior loved one is a wonderful opportunity to bond with or reconnect with family members.  It is also a commitment that requires time, and plenty of it.  Many caretakers have families with active children or grandchildren, many have demanding careers, and many do not live near the loved one for whom they are caring.  At some point in this journey, you will need assistance caring for Mom & Dad.  We can help.  Perhaps your family is planning a vacation, and there will be no one to check on your loved one.  Maybe you have tried calling your loved one a few times with no answer, and it worries you.  Or, maybe he or she just needs someone to read their favorite book or spiritual passage when you can't be there. 


As a caretaker, I faced all of these challenges.  I admit I felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caring for a young child and an ailing mother.  They had very different needs that often caused me to be conflicted about how to get everything done and keep both safe and happy. 

We understand your dilemma and we can help.  We will drive to your loved one's home, visit for a while, make sure he/she is safe and needs are met, then report back to you.  And, we will always demonstrate respect and compassion for your loved one and you.  Whether you are out of town or have other commitments, we can partner with you and provide you peace of mind about your loved one's well being. 


Hourly Rate:            $30.00/hour 1-3 hours, Same Day

                                    $25.00/hour 4-7 hours, Same Day

                                    $20.00/hour 8-10 hours, Same Day

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